Avatarism presents;
# 1 in a series of free art pieces inspired by Avatarism. This drawing on a white card is called “Play the game” and was left at the top of Runyon Canyon in beautiful Hollywood California.  #freeartmovement

Avatarism presents;
# 1 in a series of free art pieces inspired by Avatarism. This drawing on a white card is called “Play the game” and was left at the top of Runyon Canyon in beautiful Hollywood California. #freeartmovement

Avatarism presents: A historical Avatarism document!

Burning Dan Levitt and I had many conversations about Avatarism, the flow experience, tribe building, polyamory, changing the brain, heart centered missions, performing, embodying characters, up leveling skill sets, upholding others on the journey and making awesome for our friends. We envisioned a way of bringing our brand of reality to the world using fire, music, dance, magick and audience participation. Since we lost Dan in 2010 I have kept the mission alive along with a trusted group of Apostles and friends. Avatarism is an open source game-philosophy. Play for what you want. Tell us who you are creating yourself to be and we will uphold you. 

Here are the unabridged notes of a brainstorming meeting we had circa 2009. 

Avatar/Alex/ Dan/Words


Doorway to Dramatic

"Brainstorming" sounds like a military movement, we could call it


Open up a torrent of ideas cascading into existence

Foreplay in the boardroom, bedroom, or in a natural disaster

Ok, we assume that we are a parfait of experiences and this stairway of life we are on can lead us all the way to the final door where we are blown away in a firestorm of cosmic rays and we transform

Day by day

Die away

Milky Way

Passion play


Born today

Games people play

Go all the way

Up, up and away

Power play

How can I say I’ve been winning when I have not been winning?                   Lie, say nothing or change change change.

You are the pollinator!

A qualified operator of a body

Integrator of the stages and ages

The navigator of the story

Liberator of the aimless

Sacred code breaker

Animator and magic maker

Masquerader, loving shameless

In the mind of the eternal creator

contemplator of the moment

Motivator of the movement

Super cultivator of wisdom


Culminator of gentile success

Pollinator of sexy truth

Radiator of divine peace

Duplicator of workable tech

Renovator of the will

Fabricator of self confidence

Simulator of greatness

Formulator and alchemist

Speculator of spiritual gold

Fascinator in the field of time

Titilator of all people

Generator of new tools

Gladiator in the fight for love

Impersonator till i get it right

Illustrator of the pages

Common denominator, we all feel the same

Re-invigorator, Play a good game


*Avatarism is a game for everyone who wants to be more, feel more and have more of an effect on the world. We are seekers in the dust and the wind; this game has no end. We are waiting in the wings; we are clowns and we are kings, we are all children in our dreams. Come play with us. Tell us who you are creating yourself to be, and we will uphold you. 

Forever endeavor,

iRev. Alexander Polinsky

Lightning in a Bottle Hosts Alexander Polinsky the Founder of Avatarism on the Main Stage at the Temple of Consciousness , LIB 2014

Hello friends and family!

What an amazing experience Lightning in a Bottle was this year. I spoke to an audience of 800 awesome beautiful people on the main stage at the Temple of Consciousness. I made so many friends this year, and strengthened existing friendships. 

Thanks to everyone who came to the Avatarism talk and participated. It was a truly powerful experience to share my ideas and embody my highest vision of myself as a spiritual entertainer at LIB.

It’s really exciting to think

That the key to excelling at this whole sustainable existence thing

May be to creatively change ourselves

For good

And for the good

Of all

For only when we are powerfully embodied

do we have the power

To change the world 


The Avatar Character Sheet is a framework to begin; 

consciously creating your character. 
Realizing missions and quests
Fermenting your own culture
Crafting your life into a game 
Strengthening your existing character
Inviting people to play the game with you 

It is my birthright to be fully embodied

I have a gift to give the universe

I am that gift

                       (Get the Avatarism Character Sheet PDF)
                                    (-instructions Below)
Print out a few copies
Fill out one for practice
Then fill out one for real
Print out a few more
You can fill one out with the data on who you ARE, CURRENTLY.
Fill out another with the FUTURE YOU, in mind
Be patient and fearless
Hone your character sheet 
And remember,
It’s NOT serious
just important. ; )
Ignore all thoughts of being reasonable, conservative or safe. 
What do you want to be, know or do?
Want to spin fire? 
Direct a movie?
Climb a mountain?
Write a book?
Start a movement?
Learn to paint?
Change yourself?
Change the world?
Become a legend?
Dream big and loud
Don’t be hemmed in by the limited nature of the character sheet page
Add color, Personalize, use drawings and any other ideas you have
There are no limits to when you start creating your highest vision. 
The Avatarism Character Sheet
is meant to be a sort of
holy writ
That serves to remind you
of your own highest vision you have for yourself
and provides a map of how to get there
Your character sheet should excite you
please you
challenge you
inspire you
The more you
and customize,
the better. 
I give you the very basic idea of the game
so as to allow you to make it your own
and create something
more beautiful than we have ever imagined
A fully
Just Say aloud…
I’M IN! ……..Forever, Endeavor…………I’M IN!
Avatarism is transpersonal phenomenology,
Lucid Meme-ing
and courageous dreaming. 
Good Luck!
And Remember….
There are only 3 Rules of Avatarism…
1. Seek your highest vision for yourself 
2. Hone your own flow on the path to embodiment 
3. Save the world
(If I think of any more, i’ll let you know)
At any point in the process you can contact me if you like, I’d be happy to give you words of encouragement or any advice as you go. Not only does it make me happy and inspired to see other people’s character sheets but your questions and ideas will help me develop the next generation of character sheets for the future.
Get a high quality PDF of the Avatarism Character Sheet by…..
2. Sending me an Instant Message through the Avatarism Facebook page saying that you’d like to recieve a Character Sheet. 
3. I will send the Character Sheet PDF to you!
Avatarism Facebook Page Link :
Information about the Avatarism Character Sheet and more suggestions about how to play the game can be found by following the Avatarism.org link below :

Keep me updated on your progress!


If you want to share, please post your completed Avatarism Character Sheet on the Avatarism Facebook page so we can uphold you. I will highlight it and send you an Avatarism talisman with our new symbol on it (while my supplies last) ; )


Forever endeavor,

iRev. Alexander Polinsky

Founder of Avatarism


Avatarism = Transpersonal Phenomenology

Lightning in a Bottle 2014 Victory!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Avatarism talk at Lightning in a bottle this year. The festival was an amazing success and I met so many beautiful, interesting, sincere, magickal characters! An experience I will never forget. 

After I gave my talk, many people came up to me at the festival and told me their thoughts on the game I had created. The comment that came up again and again was…”This Avatarism game thing is something I have been doing in my life, but I never had a vocabulary or a way of talking about it, till now. 

This is a really exciting time for the world as we are all waking up to our power to self create and self transmogrify. It’s not serious, but it is important. 

Play for what you want. Be a player. Life is a game. 

Embody      Uplevel      Uphold

“When we seek mastery,

when we play at the edge of our ability

and when we are in creative action, 

we can seduce the world effortlessly 

and without force.”

“We can become the stars of our own lives, instead of the downtrodden victims of life.  Change the script, change the movie. Write your life. Speak the words. Hear your voice as the will of the living god manifest in action. I am here to create beauty, I am here to give healing, I am here to collect the mysteries of life, I am here to manifest, realize, and love,  I am here to give myself back into the spring.” 

If you want to join the game please visit the Avatarism Facebook Page


Read my blog, Avatarism.org, or just find me in the world, tell me who you are, i’d love to uphold you. 

If you want an Avatar Character Sheet scroll down a bit and find it below, or msg me on FB and I’ll send you one. 

Thanks to Dream Rockwell, The Do Lab, The LIB Artist Relations staff, Teafaerie, AHEE and all the participants who braved the desert heat and made LIB 2014 so unforgettable. 

Forever Endeavor,

iRev. Alexander Polinsky


An interview with the Teafaerie, a 16-year Burning Man veteran who has taken the magic of the playa to the default world in a huge way with superhero workshops, fire spinning instruction, and much more.

Avatarism presents The Power of a Focused Will

Focused action towards clear goals this is a great game. A mind, like water, free from troubled stress and worry is the martial art of the person who succeeds. Focus is not a talent or a gift but a skill. The skill of focus, once collected will transform your life immediately. If you want to change the world, begin with yourself.
Consciously create your character. Your will is the way.
Forever endeavor.
iRev. Alexander Polinsky

Avatarism presents How to be reborn…..
The photo above of the guy hanging upside down is of Burning Dan Gordon Levitt. He was one of the first inspirations for Avatarism. He is hanging from the re-birth tube at prometheatrics camp back in 2007. I created the idea for the rebirth-tube at Burning man a few years back and it quickly became one of the most popular and strangest experiences at the festival. I would stand on top of a 3 story scaffolding every morning, with my megaphone and invite…nay…taunt participants to climb up and put themselves head first into the 20 foot long, hanging, knit vagina. Once inside, the tube would constrict and the lucky baby would have to wriggle and ease themselves slowly out of the canal to the playa floor. It took about 2 minutes to take the trip and almost everyone got a little freaked out in the process due to the claustrophobia or the yells of the crowd who’d assembled on the esplanade. Any body piercings would have to be removed and usually the person’s clothes would be stripped off by the constricting experience and they would emerge naked as the day they were first born. Upon their rebirth I would invite the crowd to rename the person if they hadn’t thought of a playa name for themselves yet. It’s a great “entry level,” burning man experience. Even though it looks simple in the picture, many people said it was the thing they remembered most about their “vacation,” to BRC and I am proud to be it’s papa!
Experiences like this tend to create unforgettable memories that not only entertain us and others, but the more of them you participate in, the more interesting and magnetic your personality becomes. So augment your avatar with oddities and awesome happenstance. You are perfect, whole, complete and ready for more.
iRev. Alexander Polinsky
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Here is a short piece from writer Wesley Thoricatha (of the ignight.me blog) on the power of Burning Man and why Avatarism works so well there. 
It all starts with the self.
Change your self, change the world.
For what is the world but a collection of selves and their creations?
And what domain do we truly have power over, but our own energy, thoughts, emotions and actions?
It’s a responsibility that we should all take seriously, as “you can’t be neutral on a moving train”, i.e. the default world.
Stepping into authorship, facing that initial fear of responsibility but then owning it through initiation, that is what this world needs.
More warrior poets of their own creative destiny, unafraid to rewrite everything, most of all their own lives.
The new paradigm we all feel the birthing of will be midwifed into this planet through legions of self-activated superheroes who know the essence of omniconnection and the great implications of self transformation.
Burning Man is the land beyond the veil, where we get to flex our creative powers like no other place. That is, until we realize, that everywhere is that place.
Wesley Thoricatha 


Avatarism had it’s start at the Burning Man festival,  but it’s roots are deep in the ancient sanskrit idea of “Avatara.” Loosley translated it means gods inhabiting human bodies and walking the earth, but that is a narrow explanation. Avatarism is how a group of people, all over the world, seem to have developed or learned God-like or superhero-like confidence, the ability to accomplish their dreams and goals with ease, and the ability to live out their highly personal vision that they themselves have envisioned. Encouraging and supporting the individual honing of the will through focused play and persistence, and the upholding of others on the journey is at the heart of this movement. Avatarism encourages people to begin to design in great detail, new and carefully chosen skill sets, characteristics, goals, and aspects of themselves. As the game is played, the player crafts a new and richly  embodied personality and finds themselves permanently up-leveled. Seeking and embodying gurus, teachers, archetypes from history and fantasy may be involved; the warrior, the poet, the god Pan, Rainbow Bright, Batman, Buddha, Jesus, James Dean, Kermit The Frog, Kali, Tara, Tesla, Dr. Who, Conan the Barbarian, Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Leonardo DiCaprio and Leonardo the Ninja Turtle to name a few. 

The process of skill collection, archetype embodiment and the other ideas that comprise Avatarism don’t have to be taken seriously, but they are important. Avatarism is a dance towards personal excellence more than it is a march towards perfectionism. Avatarism is an open source game/philosophy for people attracted to radically changing themselves away from the current life/brain programs they may be running. We are, all of us, collections of moments and memories wet wired to a heart mind and body. You are not some stoic and frozen being unable to change!  It is your birthright to be changeable and modifiable. 

Avatarism is a great philosophical model for rebellious souls, hardcore gamers, fantasy players, festival goers, hopeless romantics, seekers of truth, lovers of beauty and anyone attracted to the idea that life is a game, meant to be played. The game of conscious character creation is easy to start and hard to stop, Simple to begin and hard to master. Think about how tough it is to change a habit or learn a complicated new skill. Usually people undertake to change themselves for a health reason or to learn a new skill to make more money. While playing the game may correct bad habits, and allow you the confidence to make more money Avatarism is not a means to an end. This game is a life-long pursuit in the direction of the betterment of self,  for the good of self and the rest of mankind. This game has no end. The ongoing goal is to consciously create a personally fermented culture of awesome, and never stop. 

"Forever, endeavor!"-"Burning Dan" Gordon Levitt

Avatarism is the game that we have been playing since the beginning of our history and it is not just a Burning Man or a festival thing. Because we feel free to enact these alternate character traits at these events, there is a powerful and indelible change that happens in individuals when they do. If you decide that you want to play the game, you will experience this too. The change that happens to us when we go to an event and embody our avatar(s)or even just put on a costume and feel the change in ourselves is something the greeks understood long ago. Cosmetics, costumes, cos-play all have their root in the word, Cosmos. The ancients knew that embodiment lead to a kind of cosmic or higher consciousness. 

What can Avatarism do for society?

Look deep within yourself at the dreams and hopes that you have failed to put into action as of now. Who would you be if you reversed that pattern and began to embody those dreams with the kind of zeal usually reserved for zealots? How would the remainder of your life be played if you lost your fear? What is keeping you from starting now? If we were all confident and free to enact our dreams in an unashamed way, how fast could we cause change in society?

Wars, protests, and fights change the culture very little and very slowly. But when individuals begin to change the culture from the inside……..a groundswell happens. Because that kind of energy is infectious and viral, the culture moves fast and furious. The revolution is within, this is a revolution of spirit.  So while the patriarchal model of change may be  fight, fight, fight. The Avataristic model is Embody, Up-Level, Uphold. 

EMBODY the highest vision you can create for yourself. Use the Avatar Character Sheet or any other means of design to collect physical, emotional, magical, and wisdom based skill sets. 

UP-LEVEL  your current character away from the mundane and degenerate programs that no longer serve you and that you did not wholly choose.Use focus, study, ritual, emulation of archetypes and role models to impress your nervous system and turn on your deep memory circuits so that you can get the data in for good. 

UPHOLD yourself to your self created  model while communicating  to your tribe, your friends and groups of influence what those changes are. In this way, the people around you can uphold you and remind you of who you are creating yourself to be and not who you have been in the past. 

We don’t need to exert our power upon the world as much as we need to become powerfully inspired and confident individuals. Only from that standpoint can we hope to change the world for good.

"You can’t fake a phenomenon"-"Burning Dan" Gordon Levitt 1974-2010

Thanks for reading the Avatarism Blog! I sincerely hope we meet soon, down the dusty road, living our dreams in the glorious future. 

Onward and upwards, forever endeavor,

iRev. Alexander Polinsky Founder of Avatarism

To join the game please visit the Avatarism Facebook page

PM me for a free Avatar Character Sheet

or read the blog at www.Avatarism.org

"Avatarism is defined as the degree to which a player projects themselves into a game, rather than playing their prescribed character.”
-Role Playing University Wiki

If you can embody your own highest vision you have for yourself
If you will up level your physical, emotional, communicational and ethical skill set
And if you decide to uphold others on the path to conscious character creation
What then is then possible?
Avatarism is the game we are already playing
play for what you want.
Get into the action, hero.
iRev. Alexander Polinsky

"Avatarism is defined as the degree to which a player projects themselves into a game, rather than playing their prescribed character.”

-Role Playing University Wiki

If you can embody your own highest vision you have for yourself

If you will up level your physical, emotional, communicational and ethical skill set

And if you decide to uphold others on the path to conscious character creation

What then is then possible?

Avatarism is the game we are already playing

play for what you want.

Get into the action, hero.

iRev. Alexander Polinsky